Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 2 - Heartfelt Lectures

Lecture #1 - Laura Kvasnosky: Laura is a soft spoken writer/illustrator with loads of talent. I loved her sketching exercises to enhance/play around with a story you've been working on. Sometimes the writing/rewriting gets a little stale and playing with other media may feel like procrastination, but it can offer you a lot of insight into your story or offer you a clue to why things are not working.
Lecture #2 - Elizabeth Partridge: Betsy, as she is known, lights a fire under you about non-fiction! You can't help but be inspired to try your own hand at a non-fiction piece. However, she doesn't sugar coat things. She makes it clear that such projects require immense work and are truly a labour of love.
Lecture #3 - Alan Cumyn: Wow, did I pick the right semester to hear Alan, or what?! This lecture was the final lecture in a 3 part series. The lecture asked - What part of yourself have you put into your stories? Alan answered this question is a most eloquent, honest way. I was touched, inspired, and informed.
Also today:
Picture bk Workshop - 3 peoples submissions critiqued for 45min each (done with kindness, plenty of emphasis on the good, and concluded with questions and related craft discussions)
Faculty Readings - Readings of works that would blow your mind!!
1rst Semester Readings - YES, I read a piece of my work!

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  1. How did reading a piece of your work go?
    The lectures sound amazing!

    Erica xox