Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 5 - Wait..Wait..I Can't Possibly Take Notes That Fast...

Grad Lecture #1 - Understanding and Manipulating Time: loved this lecture complete with how to plot your novel across a timeline or by scene speed.
Lecture #1 Coe Booth - Coe is hilarious.. from her getto humour to her back-handed power-pt slide comments. She gave fab advice on how to get through the first draft.

Grace Lin gave a very personal talk on how she got into writing and illustrating picture books, writing middle grade and novels. I was touched by her honesty and openness.

Picture Book Panel - a mad rush of 4 short lectures on pb topics.

Faculty Readings: Always Entertaining! Alan Cumyn, Sharon Darrow, Mary Quattlebaum

Everyone is a twitter because students will be assigned an advisor tonight at midnight!! I already know my advisor is Julie Larios (yay! Funny, unbelievably creative, and an amazing poet)

Here's to you, Julie:
J ubillant,
U are,
L augh with your eyes.
I am ready to play,
E ase into essay.


  1. Stephanie: I have just read the postings for the first five days of your residency. Blogging about your experience truly allows others to get a strong sense of the pace and content of what the program covers onsite. Plus as a children's poet, I find it most thrilling that you have Julie Larios as an advisor. I look forward to reading the upcoming postings!

  2. I'm so glad the posts are informative! I'm getting to bed soooo late trying to keep you guys updated! Julie is great!!