Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 4 - Down To Earth Stars

David Macaulay was in our picture bk workshop today! What a down-to-earth kid's lit star! David showed us sketch books, notes, thumbnails, false starts, and meanderings... Work that is done with such heart and dedication stems from incredible curiousity and when that runs out David relies on his sense of duty.

Attended a Grad lecture on Reconnecting with Poetry - ouuu, those grads are smart. Great exercises offered to awaken the poet within.

Again, faculty readings: Amanda Jenkins, Martine Leavitt, Uma Kishnaswami, and Grace Lin - Enthralling!!


  1. Hey Steph,
    Just had a chance to read your posts. It all sounds amazing & great to be surrounded by so many inspiring writers. Have fun!

  2. Inspiring and tiring!! The days are very long and chalk full of info. Can't wait to share in person...