Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 7 - Body and Brain: Cross Country Skiing & Literary Theory

Yay, a morning off!! Cammen and I went cross country skiing at Morse Farm - powdered white fields, quiet forests, groomed trails! What more could a Canadian girl want, eh? (you can rent equipment right there)

Lecture #1 Tobin Anderson: Heavy stuff - literary theory and how it affects and informs our writing
Lecture #2 Shelley Tanaka - Amazing lecture that sampled picture books from around the world offering us a glimpse into how creative and unique they are. The lecture challenged us to educate ourselves on what is being written for kids all around the world - not just in Canada or the States.
Met with Julie one on one. Listened to Grad Assistants, Grads, and student readings - Seriously talented people here (ps: the grad ass. read from their published books!)


  1. Sounds like quite an experience! Also sounds like an opportunity to build quite a support network. Hope you had fun socializing and skiing!

  2. Yes. Because everything is so intimate - the faculty, grad students, and students eat, workshop, attend lectures and readings together - there is a real community formed. The conversation of craft and its affects on you never really ends. What a great thing!! Like nothing I've ever experienced before.