Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 9 - Hunger Games: Three Perspectives

Grad Lecture #1: The mute character - why cast them in your story? Fascinating look at how a mute character impacts your narrative.
Lecture #1 Amanda Jenkins: Amazing look into the emotional arc in a story with examples of where it fell short in the Hunger Games books.
Lecture #2 Tim Wynne-Jones: How to build tension and surprise into the plot even if your book is not a thriller a-la-Hunger Games.

Lecture #3 Rita Williams-Garcia: Demonstrated the sequel's continueing plot using the Hunger Games as an example (to the tune of James Brown! Get On Down!)
Grad Lecture #2: What does a character need for us to believe he/she is resilient? Turns out only 3 things (and you will have to come to VCFA to find out...)

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